Hey everyone,

For the people who keep checking this blog: thanks a lot!

Recently I had quite a lot of deadlines, so as usual I didn’t write anything on my blog :) I did however work on quite some interesting things. Together with the guys on #x64dbg and some other people I worked on a script API for x64dbg. What this means is that (once this API is finished) people can write bindings for their favorite script language and publish it as a plugin!

Right now I have these implemented:

  • Basic debugging stuff (run, step, stop, pause);
  • Register setters/getters;
  • Memory read/write;
  • Pattern finding/writing;
  • Module information;
  • GUI selection setters/getters.

I plan on adding much more:

  • PE information;
  • Breakpoint management;
  • Comment/Bookmark/Label/Function/Loop management (useful for analysis scripts);
  • Settings;
  • Event callbacks;
  • Etc (contact me if you have requests).

Some work was done with AngelScript in the testplugin.

void myStepOut()
    duint cip = Register::GetCIP();
    Print("[SCRIPT] Started on CIP = 0x%p\n", cip);
        cip = Register::GetCIP();
    while(Memory::ReadByte(cip) != 0xC3);
    Print("[SCRIPT] Finished on CIP = 0x%p\n", cip);

void main()
    Print("[SCRIPT] Welcome to AngelScript!\n");

Another idea I had was to load script DLLS, so you can write scripts in your favorite programming language (basically any language that supports native exports). You would write a single export StartScript that then calls the script API directly. This would allow for many possibilities, including commercial unpacking scripts.

This summer I will try to work on x64dbg as much as I can, to at least complete the script API. I also plan on fixing performance problems and solving as many issues as I can. Contact me if you know C++ and like to work on x64dbg. All help is appreciated.

Till next time,


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01 July 2015