Hey guys,

After (again) almost a month of not writing I decided to write a little about various things I’m doing currently.


As some of you might have picked up I’m working on a replacement for TitanEngine. This replacement is going to be called GleeBug. Currently the project is in early stages, but with some help from nice people in my live stream we got single stepping with callbacks working very well!

GleeBug is going to have full support for child process debugging and it will be written in an object oriented style. (name) is working with me. You can find the repository here.


After I started a bachelor in computer science, other projects started degrading because of the lack of motivation and time I had. Recently I did a weekend of live streaming and it motivated me greatly! If I have some time between the assignments I have to do and playing GTA 5 (amazing game by the way) I will do another streaming session this weekend. Otherwise Monday (which is when I have to hand in the assignments).

A lot has happened to x64dbg since the last time I wrote, here is a quick summary for the people not following the commit logs:

  • YARA rules matching was added;
  • A new version was released;
  • x64_dbg is renamed to x64dbg;
  • We moved to GitHub;
  • You can now donate with PayPal (or Bitcoin);
  • Nukem did a great deal of refactoring with the result that x64dbg is now on VS2013. XP will stay supported, but backwards compatibility is still a WIP so the current snapshots will not run on XP (move on already guys);
  • Various bugs were fixed (some fixed as a result of the refactoring), see the commit logs on the repository for more information.

Well, that’s about it! Thanks for reading and leave me a comment on my twitter or in the comment section.


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18 April 2015