In my free time I work on lots of small projects. One of those is called DarkSouls3.TextViewer and it lets you view all dialogue and item descriptions in Dark Souls 3:


To do this you have to extract the contents of Data1.bdt, which can be done with BinderTool by Atvaark. However, recently I got interested in possible changes made to item descriptions during updates, so I went on a hunt for all versions of Data1.bdt. Because Steam does not allow you to downgrade the game versions I started looking for pirated releases and updates to try to piece everything together. I downloaded Dark.Souls.III.The.Ringed.City-CODEX to get started, but then I noticed that I was too low on disk space to install the game…


A quick look at setup.exe with ProtectionID reveals that it is an InnoSetup installer:

inno setup

There are several free tools available (innoextract, innounp) to see what’s inside:

>innoextract.exe -l e:\setup.exe
Listing "Dark Souls III The Ringed City" - setup data version (unicode)
 - "tmp\ISDone.dll" [temp] (446 KiB)
 - "tmp\english.ini" [temp] (15.4 KiB)
 - "tmp\Style.vsf" [temp] (44.7 KiB)
 - "tmp\VclStylesinno.dll" [temp] (1.95 MiB)
 - "tmp\BASS.dll" [temp] (107 KiB)
 - "tmp\bp.dll" [temp] (129 KiB)
 - "tmp\wintb.dll" [temp] (27.5 KiB)
 - "tmp\Music.ogg" [temp] (2.34 MiB)
 - "tmp\Play1.bmp" [temp] (540 B)
 - "tmp\Play2.bmp" [temp] (540 B)
 - "tmp\Play3.bmp" [temp] (540 B)
 - "tmp\Pause1.bmp" [temp] (540 B)
 - "tmp\Pause2.bmp" [temp] (540 B)
 - "tmp\Pause3.bmp" [temp] (540 B)
 - "tmp\trackBkg.bmp" [temp] (776 B)
 - "tmp\trackbtn1.bmp" [temp] (344 B)
 - "tmp\trackbtn2.bmp" [temp] (344 B)
 - "tmp\trackbtn3.bmp" [temp] (344 B)
 - "tmp\unarc.dll" [temp] (368 KiB)
Warning: "setup-1.bin" is not part of the installer!
Use the --gog option to try listing the contents of this file.
Done with 1 warning.

The setup-1.bin file starts with ArC, so I checked the exports of unarc.dll and one that stands out is called FreeArcExtract, which points to FreeArc.

I tried to list the files in the archive, but the file format appears to be customized (or an older version):

>unarc l e:\setup-1.bin
FreeArc 0.67 unpacker
ERROR: archive structure corrupted (descriptor failed CRC check)


Then I thought, perhaps I can use unarc.dll from the setup to extract the relevant files? The lead is the name of the export FreeArcExtract. A bit of Googlefoo pointed to the relevant code, which looks like this:

int __cdecl FreeArcExtract (cbtype *callback, ...)
  va_list argptr;
  va_start(argptr, callback);

  int argc=0;
  char *argv[1000] = {"c:\\unarc.dll"};  //// Здесь будет искаться arc.ini!

  for (int i=1; i<1000; i++)
    argc = i;
    argv[i] = va_arg(argptr, char*);
    if (argv[i]==NULL || argv[i][0]==0)
      {argv[i]=NULL; break;}

  COMMAND command (argc, argv);    // Распарсить команду
  if (command.ok) {                // Если парсинг был удачен и можно выполнить команду
    CThread thread;
    DLLUI *ui = new DLLUI(&command);
    thread.Create (timer_thread,      ui);   //   Спец. тред, вызывающий callback 100 раз в секунду
    thread.Create (decompress_thread, ui);   //   Выполнить разобранную команду

      if (strequ (ui->what, "quit"))
        return ui->n1;  // error code of command
      ui->result = callback (ui->what, ui->n1, ui->n2, ui->str);

Basically what this does is forward all the input parameters as the argv of unarc. After a lot of fooling around with the awfulness of va_list and lots of crashes I finally got the code to forward argv to the FreeArcExtract function:

#include <windows.h>
#include <cstdio>

#define whut(x) (strcmp(what, #x) == 0)

static int __stdcall cbExtract(char* what, int int1, int int2, char* str)
    if(whut(read) || whut(write))
        return 0; //filter out the plentiful "read" and "write" messages
    printf("\"%s\", %d, %d, \"%s\"\n", what, int1, int2, str);
    return 0;

typedef int __stdcall cbtype(char* what, int int1, int int2, char* str);
typedef int __cdecl pFreeArcExtract(cbtype* callback, ...);

int main(int argc, char* argv[])
    auto hMod = LoadLibraryA("unarc.dll");
        puts("Failed to load DLL: unarc.dll!");
        return 1;
    auto FreeArcExtract = (pFreeArcExtract*)GetProcAddress(hMod, "FreeArcExtract");
        puts("Failed to find export: FreeArcExtract");
        return 1;
    auto a = [&](int i)
        return i < argc ? argv[i] : "";
    return FreeArcExtract(cbExtract, a(1), a(2), a(3), a(4), a(5), a(6), a(7), a(8), a(9), a(10), nullptr);

First I tried to get the help with unarc_cmd.exe, but this came up empty. Instead I asked unarc.exe:

FreeArc 0.67 unpacker  2014-03-16
Usage: unarc command [options] archive[.arc] [filenames...]
Available commands:
  l - display archive listing
  v - display verbose archive listing
  e - extract files into current directory
  x - extract files with pathnames
  t - test archive integrity
... (more irrelevant options)

Then I tried to list all the files in the archive, which did not give me the output I expected at all (but hey, at least no CRC errors):

>unarc_cmd.exe l e:\setup-1.bin
"total_files", 283, 0, ""
"origsize", 25527, 998151285, ""
"compsize", 25096, 545797223, ""

The v option also came up empty, but the t option had more promise:

>unarc_cmd t e:\setup-1.bin
"total", 25096, 545800879, ""
"filename", 0, 810208, "Game\Data0.bdt"
"filename", 922, 967053390, "Game\Data1.bdt"
"filename", 2450, -1724920912, "Game\Data2.bdt"
... (it takes a few minutes to test all files)

To extract Data1.bdt, BinderTool also needs a file with decryption keys called Data1.bhd, so I used the following command to extract both those files:

>unarc_cmd x e:\setup-1.bin Data1.bdt Data1.bhd
"total", 25096, 545800879, ""
"filename", 0, 810208, "Game\Data0.bdt"
"overwrite?", 922, 967053390, "Game\Data1.bdt"
"filename", 922, 967053390, "Game\Data1.bdt"
"filename", 2450, -1724920912, "Game\Data2.bdt"
"filename", 1474, 1546563828, "Game\Data3.bdt"
"filename", 1172, 1229026224, "Game\Data4.bdt"
"filename", 13172, 927431435, "Game\Data5.bdt"
"filename", 1551, 1626443628, "Game\DLC1.bdt"
"filename", 2929, -1222753793, "Game\DLC2.bdt"
"filename", 0, 2212, "Game\Data0.bhd"
"filename", 0, 411904, "Game\Data1.bhd"


Well, I hope this was interesting to some people. It was just a 45 minute side project of mine that I decided to share.

If anyone has 魔法うんちく_dlc2.fmg from before the description of the White Birch Bow was changed, please ping me (the CODEX release is from after the update apparently).

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06 July 2017